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please read!
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* black and white pieces with shading are counted as FULL COLOR commissions. Without shading, they will be counted as Flat Color commissions.

see more art at my draw blog (tumblr)

In the interest of keeping everything in one place, I accept commissions through e-mail at squigsart@gmail.com! Please send me the following information in as much detail as you can:
YOUR NAME (let me know who you are!)
PAYPAL ADDRESS (inspired by a friend's process, I'll be starting to send out invoices! please let me know the paypal account for me to send yours to)

TYPE OF COMMISSION (icons? a sketch? what are you looking for?)

THE SUBJECT/CONTENT (what/who would you like me to draw? how do you want them drawn? give me as much detail as you think you can give.please provide references!)

ANY SPECIAL REQUESTS? (this one is optional, and mostly for people who want to specify image size, request transparency, or even ask for a specific palette)

OTHER COMMENTS/QUESTIONS (what have you. I'm open to questions! if you need anything cleared up, please feel absolutely welcome to ask)
Please make sure you've read the TOS and FAQ!

Thank you for reading! And thank you for considering me for a commission (*´∀`*)